Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rising Up From The Ashes

When I had completed culinary school in June, I stopped updating this blog. Without classes I was no longer making new and interesting things. Sure I baked, a lot. I bake every few days. However, it's the same old stuff for the most part. Quickbreads, leavened breads, a little variation, but nothing interesting. I had considered posting again when I got a snazzy baking job and had new and interesting things, but that certainly hasn't worked out. Three months out of school, I'm still not working. Not the best situation.

However, I am in a new location. Bellingham, Washington. While I am still not baking much new, I now have an opportunity to widely broaden my cooking options. The lifestyle here in Washington has bred several opportunities to find foods that I couldn't find otherwise. Bellingham has a great farmer's market every week. It has a co-op that offers access to lots of local and organic foods and ingredients that I couldn't get back east. I live a few blocks away from two Asian markets, offering even more ingredients that I could never get before.

I am only cooking for one, so it only offers a couple opportunities a week to cook, but regardless, I am trying new things as much as I can with the new options that have presented themselves to me. And so, I am resurrecting the blog, to further enhance my portfolio and expand into regular cooking with the new options that I have available. I plan to post recipes of everything I make in addition to pictures, descriptions, and opinions. I will probably go back and repost all the old staples that I commonly make just to include the recipe. While I probably have no readers and so nobody actually interested in my recipes, I want to use this blog to create my own cook book of sorts. With the blog format, searching, things like that, it will make it easy to always find recipes I want and it seems like it will be easy to make a quick search on the site to pull up a recipe as opposed to any other format. So hopefully this place will get a little more interesting as I post once again.